The exception is the rule

No bicycles are the same, not for us. Our bicycles are not produced in series, they are handcrafted, one by one, with high quality components and Italian design. This is why they are exclusive, this is why they are exceptional, they are special.

We have almost half a century of experience in the production and sale of bicycles. With some pride we feel part of the prestigious tradition which made Italy number one in the world in the bicycle sector, thanks to our careful manufacturing and design. We do wish to maintain our artisan character and we manufacture our bicycles focusing on our tradition, enhancing functionality and quality together with aesthetic taste.

Choose your handmade Italian bicycle in vintage look.

Choose your bespoke bicycle in our range of handmade Italian bicycles.

Bicycles for man:
From the most classic bicycle with rod brakes to the transporter model. Or do you prefer an extra-light bicycle or a vintage on to move around town?

Restyling Monark, bicycle with rod brakes – Sempione, classic bicycle for man
Sant’Ambrogio, bicycle with leather wrapped frame – Brera, vintage bicycle
Naviglio, transporter bicycle – Duomo, retro bicycle
Procaccini11, lightweight city bike – Broletto, bicycle in vintage style

Bicycles for woman:
We love stylish women. We realized a collection of handmade classic bicycle, for the fashion woman.

Darsena, elegant bicycle for woman – Sancarlina, bi-color bicycle
Madunina, classic bicycle for woman – Guastalla, handcrafted bicycle
Martesana, “urban” racing bicycle – Ticinella, mini city bike, ideal also for boat